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Doc Rivers reacts to Bucks going 0-3 against “pretty bad teams”

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers voiced his frustration as his team suffered a third consecutive loss against what he described as “pretty bad teams” in the NBA, according to Jim Owczarski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Bucks fell to the Washington Wizards, Memphis Grizzlies, and Toronto Raptors in succession.

In a disappointing 117-111 defeat to the Raptors, the Bucks missed an opportunity to secure a playoff spot, dropping to a 47-30 record amid a challenging stretch of games against struggling opponents.

Rivers expressed his frustration, acknowledging the team’s collective disappointment and emphasizing the need to overcome adversity through hard work and determination.

Despite the Bucks’ recent struggles, Rivers remained optimistic about the team’s ability to bounce back.

“Frustration gets you nowhere. We gotta work ourselves through this. You can feel it. You literally can. You can feel it during the game. And, you go through these things. I’ve been through ‘em. You do. And you gotta work yourself out of ‘em,” he said.

As the regular season winds down, the Bucks will need to address their issues and regroup quickly to ensure they enter the playoffs with confidence and momentum on their side.

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