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LaVar Ball blames sneakers, NBA conditioning for Lonzo and LaMelo’s injuries

Photo: Peter Baba

In a recent interview with CBS Sports, LaVar Ball, father of NBA stars Lonzo and LaMelo Ball, attributed his sons’ injury troubles to the quality of sneakers and NBA strength and conditioning programs.

LaVar expressed concern over the injuries that have hampered his sons’ availability during their NBA careers. Despite setbacks, he remains optimistic about their future in the league.

With LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball recently making headlines, LaVar’s insights into their injury woes shed light on potential underlying issues. LaMelo’s season-ending ankle injury and Lonzo’s prolonged absence due to injuries have raised questions about their durability.

LaVar emphasized the importance of proper conditioning and criticized the methods used by NBA professionals. He advocated for his own rigorous training regimen, including hill running, as a more effective approach to injury prevention.

“They say, oh, LaVar, you worked the boys out too hard — that’s why they hurt,” he said. “No, the reason they hurt is because they got away from me. And they start doing these roody-poo workouts. Because if you keep running them hills, you’re going to keep that power and that strength. But you start dealing with these rubber bands and doing this lightweight stuff, of course you’re going to start breaking down.”

Additionally, LaVar raised concerns about the quality of the sneakers worn by LaMelo, suggesting they were a contributing factor to his recurrent ankle injuries. He believes that the shoes are not made correctly for his son’s needs, leading to frequent ankle tweaks.

Despite the challenges, LaVar expressed confidence in Lonzo and LaMelo’s ability to bounce back stronger next season. He believes that their strong mindset and dedication to rehabilitation will ultimately lead to their success on the court.

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