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Filip Petrušev: “First goal is to secure home court”

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They youngest Reds player Filip Petrušev after the win against Panathinaikos was satisfied with the victory even though Olympiacos was unrecognizable in this Derby.

“We didn’t play as we used to, especially in the first half. Opponent took us by surprise and we were playing under the pressure. This was very important game for us, especially because of the home court. It was noticeable that we were confused. But then, at the end of the first half, when we tied a game, we knew the second half would be different. Defense was the different, especially in the third half, when the team took control of the match. We started playing our game – defense and fast transition. The final result was victory”.

As mentioned before, defense made the difference in the EuroLeague match of the round.

“We played defense in the first half, but besides it, part of our strategy is fast transition, movement of the ball. At the beginning, we didn’t have that. Panathinaikos was in control, we were unrecognizable. When they were missing shots, after the rebound, we weren’t fast in transition. They were slowing us down. But when we started play better defense, team was getting back in the match”, said Petrušev.

Filip Petrušev is familiar with importance of winning a home-court Derby, no matter the league. Serbian power forward is used to play in the hot atmosphere.

“I love playing in atmosphere like this. Like playing in crowded arenas, when it is loud. Especially when the fans are on our side. We have more confidence and always feels better when playing at home. In the games as important as one against Panathinaikos we need this kind of atmosphere. No, every game matters, and for us, it is important to win home court advantage. Our secret weapon against the others are our fans, so our first goal now is home court advantage in the Playoffs”.

Even though he is the youngest member of the team, Petrušev used to that role, but has already gained experience in the past. He used to work with different coaches and now feels comfortable with his role in Georgios Bartzokas’ game plan.

“I like working with one of the best coaches in Europe. He is amazing guy, knows the game and knows how to explain you the role in the team. Coach Bartzokas will support every player and help you understand his vision, he is here for you. Your only responsibility is to be focused and practice”.

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