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Steve Kerr unfazed by blowout loss to Celtics

In a lopsided clash between NBA giants, the Boston Celtics displayed their dominance with a commanding 140-88 victory over the Golden State Warriors, leaving head coach Steve Kerr unfazed by the outcome.

Despite the Warriors’ disappointing performance, Kerr brushed off concerns, emphasizing the need to move on from the loss and focus on the upcoming games.

“No. No, you flush it down the toilet,” Kerr said when asked if he is concerned with the loss. “We had a great road trip, 3 and 1. We had a million games. Boston was amazing. We weren’t beating them today. So we head home and get ready for Wednesday.”

Acknowledging Boston’s exceptional play, Kerr highlighted the Celtics’ relentless transition offense as a key factor in their victory.

While the loss was significant, Kerr remained pragmatic, pointing out that the Warriors had enjoyed a successful road trip prior to facing the formidable Celtics.

“You try different things, you have to pick your matchups. We wanted Draymond to be able to help on drives and make sure that we weren’t giving up easy stuff in the paint. The killer was the transition from the beginning all the way till the end. They got 42 transition points. You’re not winning a game with that kind of defensive or lack of defensive awareness,” Kerr said.

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