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Metta World Peace shares his side of the Malice at the Palace incident

In a candid interview on The OGs with Udonis Haslem & Mike Miller presented by Playmaker HQ, Lakers icon Metta Sandiford-Artest, also known as Metta World Peace, opened up about the infamous Malice at the Palace incident.

Reflecting on that fateful night, Metta described it as a “nightmare,” emphasizing the events leading up to his involvement in the altercation.

According to Metta, the incident began with Ben Wallace’s retaliation after a foul, which escalated when he found himself at the center of the chaos near the scorer’s table.

Despite his efforts to avoid suspension, Metta’s actions were misconstrued by the media, portraying him as the instigator rather than a victim of the situation.

Metta highlighted that the videos released at the time omitted crucial details, painting an incomplete picture of the events that unfolded.

In addition, Metta revealed that he has since reconciled with the individual who threw the beer that sparked the melee.

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As one of the most infamous moments in NBA history, the Malice at the Palace continues to serve as a cautionary tale about the consequences of on-court confrontations escalating into violence.

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