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Anthony Morrow on Klay Thompson: “He got a short memory and he don’t care what anybody think”

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooter Klay Thompson, despite a recent slump, bounced back with a 23-point performance in the loss against the Denver Nuggets.

This four-time NBA champion, currently in a bench role under head coach Steve Kerr, is facing career-low shooting percentages this season (41.8% field goals and 37.2% three-pointers).

However, Thompson displayed renewed accuracy against the Nuggets, shooting 46.7% from the field and 38.5% from beyond the arc.

In an exclusive interview with Bovada on Scoop B Talks, former Warriors teammate Anthony Morrow shared insights into Thompson’s mindset. Morrow lauded Thompson’s remarkable mental resilience.

“He got a short memory and he don’t care what anybody think,” he said, adding that “He’s not going to hesitate. He’s going to play the same way every time. That’s why I never worry about him when he get in a shooting slump because I’m like: ‘He’s not going to stop shooting.’ And it’s not like his jump shot just disappears.”

Morrow emphasized Thompson’s unwavering confidence in his shooting prowess, highlighting his consistent approach to the game. According to Morrow, Thompson’s ability to maintain his shooting rhythm regardless of external pressures is a testament to his mental fortitude.

“Your legs and your body can fall, could fall off, they could start getting away from you with age but your jump shot will never go nowhere. So long as he can continue to stay on his streak mentally, he’ll be aight man,” he said.

Addressing the natural ebb and flow of a shooter’s performance, Morrow expressed confidence in Thompson’s ability to navigate shooting slumps.

“You’re gonna have shooting slumps if you’re a shooter. It’s just part of the game. But like, Steph has shooting slumps, you just don’t think about it because he don’t care about missing shots. He’s gonna keep shooting and play the same way every time,” Morrow said.

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