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Wendell Carter Jr: Markelle Fultz and I are going to propel us so much higher

Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Orlando Magic big man Wendell Carter Jr. (finger) feels like the team will be even better once he and Markelle Fultz (knee) return from injury.

(via Orlando Magic):

Reporter: “Obviously Coach [Mosley] is the one making the calls in terms of rotations and lineups, but from your perspective as a player, is there concern at all when you and Markelle eventually return that AB [Anthony Black] and Goga [Bitadze]’s minutes will change? Is that going to mess the flow of things up? Or is that something you don’t worry about?”

Carter: “I don’t really worry about it only because from me to Markelle, from Goga to AB, to everybody on the team, everybody just want to win. So whatever it takes for us to win, whether it’s more minutes for Goga, more minutes for me, more minutes for Markelle, more minutes for AB, less minutes. However it shapes, however it folds, as long as we’re getting wins, I think that’s all that matters.”

Reporter: “How eager are you to help this team stay where they’re at, get a little bit better?”

Carter: “Super eager. I know what kind of player I am and what I can bring to a team, so just looking from the sideline knowing where I can implement myself I feel like it’s going to be really special, especially when me and Markelle get back. Not saying that we’re not one of the top… I mean we are one of the top teams in the East right now, but I think it’s going to propel us so much higher, just the kind of players that both of us are.”

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