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Shane Larkin on Ergin Ataman: “He built something special”

Shane Larkin Anadolu Efes Real Madrid
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Anadolu Efes is playing with only half of their roster, feeling exhausted and battered, yet they refuse to give up. They maintain the same winning mindset that secured them consecutive championship titles.

This resilience was evident in their victory against Panathinaikos and their ex-coach Ergin Ataman, as Shane Larkin shared with Eurohoops post-game.

As he explained: “At the end of the day, we had been together for five years and now playing against him was a cool moment. But what’s even better is that we didn’t let him come here and win the game, we protected our home court. We sent him back home to Athens winless in the first game against us.”

Certainly, Larkin has no intention of showing disrespect to his former coach, but there’s a unique significance when competing against him and his new team.

It was very nice. Playing against the team he coaches, you know all their sets, you know the upcoming places because we are very familiar. It’s a strange feeling being on the other side, but it also gives an advantage because you know the rhythm, you know what he’s looking for, how he’ll ask for sets. 

We have very good memories together in the last five years. When he came here, he won championships. He built something special.”

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