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LeBron James: Trying to give one loss to father time

In a display of timeless excellence, LeBron James, at the age of 38, showcased his enduring prowess by delivering a stellar performance in the In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals against the Phoenix Suns.

Despite being the oldest player in the NBA, James orchestrated an impressive stat line, contributing 31 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds, and 5 steals in a remarkable 40-minute display, steering the Los Angeles Lakers to victory.

LeBron James DOMINATES In NBA In-Season Quarterfinals Win! 🏆 | December 5, 2023

Reflecting on his enduring excellence, James emphasized the mental aspect of his game, stating, “It’s definitely more mental than physical at this point in my career.”

The Lakers’ star highlighted the hours of mental preparation before each game, focusing on maintaining a fresh mindset to command the best from himself and his teammates.

In a post-game statement, James addressed his ongoing battle with time, saying, “The mental side is definitely more stressful than the actual body.”

He expressed his commitment to surprising himself by putting in the work and keeping his mind fresh, determined to challenge the notion that “father time” remains undefeated.

“I want to continue to defy the odds, continue to have this battle with father time that for so long has everybody said it’s been undefeated,” James declared. “So trying to give him one loss.”

As the Lakers advance to the In-Season Tournament Semifinals in Las Vegas, James’s remarkable journey against the aging process adds an intriguing narrative to the team’s pursuit of tournament success.

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