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Kyrie Irving reflects on Nets stint: ‘Feels like that FOMO’

Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

When Kyrie Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 alongside Kevin Durant, expectations soared, envisioning a potential NBA powerhouse.

Despite the star-studded roster, the Nets fell short of deep playoff success, prompting Irving’s departure to the Dallas Mavericks after a trade request.

Irving recently shared his perspective on his time with the Nets, emphasizing that he doesn’t harbor regrets but acknowledging the ‘what ifs.’

“It just feels like that FOMO [fear of missing out], you missed out on something great,” Irving said, per Brian Lewis of New York Post.

Reflecting on the “what-if” scenarios and the challenges faced by the superteam, including vaccine mandates and unforeseen circumstances, Irving maintained that he doesn’t view that chapter of his career as disappointing.

Instead, he likened it to a missed opportunity, akin to “the girl that got away,” leaving a lingering feeling of what could have been.

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