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Kelly Oubre Jr. returns to practice with 76ers after recovery from car accident

Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

Philadelphia 76ers fans received encouraging news as Kelly Oubre Jr. took a significant step forward in his recovery journey after being struck by a car.

Head coach Nick Nurse provided a positive update, revealing that the 27-year-old hooting guard participated in team drills during practice.

In a tweet by Austin Krell, Nurse’s words shed light on Oubre’s progress: “Nick Nurse says Kelly Oubre was with the team today & participated in some drills. Continues to progress ‘a little bit’. No contact yet. He’s a ‘little ways away yet’.”

The cautious optimism in Nurse’s statement suggests that Oubre is steadily moving toward a full return but hasn’t engaged in contact activities as of now.

The road to recovery began for Oubre after a traumatic incident on November 11, where he was struck by a car near his Center City residence.

The impact resulted in a fractured rib, along with injuries to his hip and right leg. Following the incident, Oubre was promptly transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and later released after receiving necessary medical attention.

This season Oubre is averaging 16.3 points in 5.1 rebounds in 29 minutes per game.

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