The Los Angeles Lakers endured a devastating 128-94 defeat against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, with Jalen Green’s stellar 28-point performance leading the Rockets to an emphatic victory that marked their fourth consecutive win of the season.

From the opening minutes, the Rockets established their dominance, swiftly securing an 8-point lead and maintaining their commanding position throughout the game, leaving the Lakers trailing by a staggering 21 points at halftime and facing an insurmountable deficit that persisted until the final buzzer.

Green’s exceptional performance, including his impressive 5-of-6 shooting from beyond the arc, underscored his pivotal role in propelling the Rockets’ offensive onslaught, ultimately solidifying their lead and thwarting any potential comeback efforts by the Lakers, who struggled to contain the Rockets’ offensive firepower throughout the game.

Despite the Lakers’ valiant efforts, spearheaded by Rui Hachimura’s commendable 24-point contribution and D’Angelo Russell’s 22-point performance, the absence of Anthony Davis due to a groin injury dealt a significant blow to the Lakers’ defensive presence, allowing the Rockets to dominate the boards with a commanding 57-34 rebounding advantage.