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Enes Kanter Freedom condemns unprecedented attack on Israel

Photo: Enes FREEDOM/Twitter

Enes Kanter Freedom, who was effectively kicked out of the NBA in February of 2022 because of his strong vocal opinions on geopolitical issues, specifically concerning the treatment of Uyghur Muslims by communist China, condemned the Saturday attack on Israel that has killed at least 100 Israelis in an attack for which the Islamist movement Hamas is taking responsibility.

“I’ve been closely monitoring what’s going on in the Middle East,” Kanter Freedom said. “I’ve come across numerous messages, and I believe that it’s very important to address the situation in Israel with clarity. What is happening there is undeniably barbaric, acts of terrorism that cannot be softened with ‘buts’ or additional justifications. 

“The loss of innocent lives can never be justified by any means. It’s crucial to emphasize that these events have nothing to do with Islam. In fact, Islam teaches that taking the life of one innocent person is equal to killing entire humanity. We have to condemn these actions and stand in solidarity with the innocent people in Israel. Many of my Palestinian friends are not supporting Hamas, each act of Hamas terrorism; taking away hopes for peace in the region.” 

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