Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie recently made a bold comparison between his teammate Ben Simmons and four-time NBA champion Draymond Green.

Dinwiddie sees Simmons as a more athletic version of Green, albeit with less three-point shooting in his arsenal.

“Ben in his best form is a far more athletic Draymond Green with less three-point shooting,” Dinwiddie said on the Pat Bev Pod But Draymond’s not really a big three-point guy. He hits it sparingly.”

Dinwiddie highlighted Simmons’ strengths, such as defensive IQ, reading passing lanes, quarterbacking a defense, and his ability to guard positions 1 through 5.

Dinwiddie also speculated on how Simmons might perform in a different environment, mentioning that if Simmons had the opportunity to play alongside the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, his statistics and achievements could resemble those of Green, including triple-doubles and accolades.

“He’s never been fortunate enough to play with Steph and Klay, obviously. So I think if he was in that type of environment, you would see those same type of triple doubles, accolades, things like that,” he said.

As the Nets look ahead to the upcoming season, they hope to provide Simmons with the necessary floor spacing to excel in transition and contribute to the team’s success.

“We hope that there’s enough shooting out there… We hope to space the floor for him. He gets out, gets in transition, makes plays,” Dinwiddie added.