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Andre Iguodala: Sixers weren’t trying to win

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Four-time NBA champion Andre Iguodala recently offered insights into his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers, sharing his perspective after leaving the team.

Iguodala, known for his candidness, expressed his realization about the Sixers’ organizational priorities during his time there.

“We talk about Philly a lot. They got new ownership, new management. So I’m comfortable with saying this now,” he said during an episode of the Old Man and The Three podcast. “I didn’t realize until I left that the [Sixers] organization wasn’t trying to win.

“So what do you do in that scenario? You’ve got to be selfish, right? Because now you said it’s survival. I’ve got to eat. I’m going into my contract year. But they’re mad at the players for going out there trying to get their numbers.”

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