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Steve Kerr praises Chris Paul’s game control and impact on Warriors

Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr heaped praise on NBA veteran Chris Paul for his exceptional basketball intelligence and game control. Kerr emphasized the impact of Paul’s playmaking skills on the team’s offensive approach.

“He’s so smart. He controls games. He’s thinking three steps ahead all the time. He gets any shot he wants in the mid-range,” Kerr expressed about the 38-year-old point guard.

Kerr acknowledged that the Warriors needed to add another dimension to their offensive tactics, as they had become somewhat one-dimensional with Steph Curry heavily relying on high ball screens. Paul’s addition to the team presented an opportunity to diversify their attack and add another skilled playmaker.

The coach further praised Paul’s mastery of the pick-and-roll, highlighting it as one of the reasons for his enduring greatness. The ability to control the tempo and make crucial decisions in playoff games is invaluable, and Paul’s expertise in this area made him an appealing acquisition for the Warriors.

The Warriors’ offseason trade brought Paul to the team, with Jordan Poole, Patrick Baldwin Jr., Ryan Rollins, and two draft picks going to the Washington Wizards in exchange. Kerr’s comments indicate the team’s excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season, with Paul expected to make a significant impact on the court.

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