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Chris Paul geared up to join forces with Steph Curry in Dubs after a storied rivalry

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Chris Paul officially presented himself as a Golden State Warrior at the height of the NBA’s Summer League fest on Sunday. And as he juiced out some workout load within a team facility in Las Vegas, he finally shared a moment with Stephen Curry – as a teammate.

Paul talked to reporters and went on to discuss what went on and his relationship with Curry.

“There weren’t a lot of misses,” Paul jokingly said about his practice with Curry, per C.J. Holmes of The San Francisco Chronicle.

Ironically, that has been what Paul sees from Curry from the start.

Both all-time greats have shared that scorching rivalry, particularly on the side of the Western Conference and in contention for a championship. After painfully crumbling against Paul on their first-ever playoff encounter back in 2014, Curry and the Dubs proceeded to dominate the next two postseason encounter they have in both 2018 and 2019, respectively, and win plenty of championships that contrasts Paul’s hardware.

At 22-15, Curry edges Paul in terms of the head-to-head bout. But this card will be shelved for next season as the two will now share the court as teammates in an unlikely timeline of this NBA era.

For Paul, it’s now time for them to set aside temporarily the heated nature they have as enemies. With the Dubs still primed to compete, Paul will look to collaborate with Curry to win his own title and help the franchise further cement its dynastic status.

“Before (Steph’s) rookie year, he traveled with me and my family. I know his dad, family, kids, everything. It’s been so dope to see – him, Seth (Curry). And we’re crazy competitors, as we should be.

“There are times where you get to reflect, a text here and there, congratulating each other. Even working out today, we were just laughing… So it’s a great opportunity and a blessing to still be doing this at our ages, because he ain’t young anymore, either.”

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