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Former NBA star Baron Davis reflects on “Linsanity” craze as a Knick

Baron Davis, the former NBA player, recently opened up about his experience being a part of the Knicks during the unforgettable “Linsanity” phenomenon. In an interview with Bootleg Kev, Davis described it as the “craziest **** ever.”

Davis shared how chaotic it was during that time, especially with his locker placed next to Jeremy Lin’s. After the games, their locker area was swarmed with approximately 150 media personnel. Davis vividly recalled the overwhelming scene, saying, “You have to leave, you have to say, ‘Hey man, hold on. Let me get my ****. Let me go change in the regular bathroom or the bathroom stall.'”

The attention on Lin was immense, with the media presence forcing the team to adapt. Davis recounted how the entire team had to change in the shower or wherever they could find space. Lin’s impact was so significant that they eventually had to relocate him from the locker room, and every interview he gave turned into a full-blown press conference.

The “Linsanity” era remains etched in basketball history, and Davis’s firsthand account offers a glimpse into the extraordinary frenzy that surrounded Jeremy Lin and the Knicks during that time.

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