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Adam Silver speaks out about worries, evaluation of punishing Ja Morant

Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

As Ja Morant took himself to another moment of public judgement and controversy with regards to his gun conduct, Adam Silver and the entire league brass are making it sure to deliver a massive statement about how they can clean the reputation of their players in the NBA.

Though he is now plotting to send a message to all about his impending decision against the Memphis Grizzlies star, Silver still admitted that they are hesitant to hand down a hefty iron hand as a punishment as this may be perceived by many as unfair in nature.

Still, the fact that they want to part themselves away in promoting violence, the commissioner is convinced to be justifiable enough for the greater good and image of the association.

“I think that was right, but I want to be careful knowing that my job is to measure that individual’s conduct in that moment and I get a little nervous when people talk about sending a message, because sometimes it implies that you may not be fair to that individual player,” Silver said during Thursday’s NBA Countdown. “But there’s no question that there’s something called conduct detrimental in the league. And it’s not just the conduct that made it negative, we want to portray a positive image in terms of our players in this league.”

The NBA suspended Morant for eight games without pay on his initial gun incident during an Instagram live back in March. As he repeated the action last month and didn’t fully learn from the supposed redeeming he made, the public can only feel disgusted even by the Grizzlies fanbase.

The decision of the league around Morant will be determined following this year’s Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. From this hold up being made, it is safe to assume that the NBA is looking to launch a major one to fully discipline the star point man.

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