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Michael Malone says you have to guard Heat’s shooters at the ‘four-point line’

Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Following Sunday’s 111-108 Game 2 home loss vs. the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said that shooters like Duncan Robinson, Gabe Vincent, Kevin Love, and Max Strus have to be picked up from way out beyond the three-point line.

(via Denver Nuggets):

​​Mateo Mayorga: With the three-point shooting, how much higher do pick-up points have to be against Miami’s three-point shooters following up in the series?”

Malone: “Well, you have to understand who you’re guarding, KYP (know your personnel) discipline. So, if you’re guarding a Duncan Robinson, a Gabe Vincent, a Kevin Love, a Max Strus, you have to guard them at the four-point line. I believe, talking about lack of discipline, I think we fouled at least three jump shooters tonight, then you have to have the discipline to contest without fouling, getting a hand up, giving them a place to land, whatever it may be. Jamal [Murray] had a great look at the end. I told our guys, ‘If we would have won this game tonight, we would have stole one.’ And it didn’t happen. The shot didn’t go in, and we lose by three points. Yeah, the three-point line is a huge concern coming in, the No. 1 three-point shooting team in these Playoffs and did a decent job in Game 1 by the numbers, but tonight they buried us.”

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