Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Barstool Sports founder and diehard Boston sports fan Dave Portnoy missed the game because he was sick with a 104-degree fever, and said “he’s on the verge of dying” in a video.

“Well, that’s that, season’s over. We got blown out at home in Game 7,” he said of the 103-84 loss – adding that Celtics stars, including Jaylen Brown, “didn’t come out to play” in the elimination game.

“I’ve got a 104 fever and people are probably going to blame it on me not going to the game,” Portnoy continued. “But here’s the thing, as my abdomen hurts, can’t eat, just sweating – kind of reminds… sports are great, but without your health, you got nothing.

“I’m on the verge of dying, so what’s more important really? Sports or being dead? – Dead.”