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Victor Wembanyama on target to aid France in outlasting U.S. in 2024 Paris Olympics

Photo: FIBA

With France assumed to sustain its status as one of the powerhouse nations in next year’s Olympics, Wembanyama is targeting to outlast Team USA on the grand tourney.

Per ESPN’s Sam Borden, the French wunderkind has his eyes set to conquer the Americans all the way to a gold medal finish in Paris.

“You know the Olympics are in Paris in 2024,” Wembanyama told Pascal Giberné, a French broadcaster and writer. “And there could be no more perfect occasion for me to win my first title with the French national team.

“My goal is to beat Team USA in the final.”

Wembanyama is yet to take his talents to the senior program of Les Bleus. As such, the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup in the Philippines could be the first time he will don the proud basketball colors of his country.

The United States managed to capture the gold medal back in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games, but has shown signs of vulnerability in the previous 2019 FIBA World Championships in China, settling for a seventh-placed ranking.

As they boast the likes of Rudy Gobert, Nic Batum, and Evan Fournier and are further guided by the bright minds of Vincent Collet, the Frenchmen truly have a shot to ascend themselves atop the world basketball apex over the Americans. 

Their chances could even be more fortified should they be able to gain the service of reigning NBA MVP Joel Embiid.

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