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Austin Rivers: Austin Reaves not even in “same realm” as Jordan Poole

Austin Reaves has made himself a name in the NBA over the two years with the Lakers. The 24-year-old guard is expected to sign a much bigger deal than the one he had with Los Angeles.

But despite all the praise that Reaves gets, fellow NBA player Austin Rivers thinks that he does not compare to Jordan Poole, a players that plays the same position.

“I love Austin Reaves,” he said. “I love his talent. His best skill is how aggressive he is as a player. He’s aggressive every time he gets the ball. He’s in attack mode all the time. Turnover, missed shot – don’t matter… He’s not the quickest, can’t jump the highest, not the greatest shooter, not the most skilled. He does a little bit of everything here and there. He’s aggressive. He attacks. I love it. And he competes.

“His skill level is not the same as Jordan Poole’s. It’s not even in the same realm. It’s not… If you’re talking skill level to skill level, they’re not even in the same – and again, I say this as an Austin Reaves fan, I like his game – he’s nowhere near Jordan Poole…”

Rivers then raised a question whether it’s better to have Poole who is very inconsistent, yet is more skill, or Reaves who is less skilled but does many things and does them consistently.

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