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Sasha Vezenkov: “Twenty minutes won’t be enough against Real”

Photo: EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL/YouTube screenshot

Olympiacos’ power forward Sasha Vezenkov was talking about the upcoming EuroLeague Final Four Championship Game and their opponent Real Madrid after the practice of the team.

Both Olympiacos and Real Madrid qualified at the Finals after the comebacks in the semi-finals after knocking out Monaco and Barcelona, accordingly.

“We didn’t do something extraordinary in the semi-final game, just coach said to us that we need to play as we played in the second half. We had a great season before, so he told us at the half-time that we didn’t play this eight months for nothing, we need to be play better, our fans deserved that, so we gave everything we had and we are now in the Finals”, said Vezenkov who added that the match against Real Madrid will also be challenging.

“We need to focus on the upcoming game. All our team members know that 20 minutes in the final game maybe won’t be enough. We need to play all 40 minutes against the team such as Real Madrid. They also returned in the second half against Barcelona and now will face us tomorrow.”

Bartzokas is the coach of the year, while Sasha Vezenkov is the MVP of the EuroLeague’s regular season, but Bulgarian power forward doesn’t feel under pressure because all of that.

“There is no pressure, not at all. We play against one team that is very experienced. They are pretty tough. For the last month they are doing incredible things. They show toughness in every moment, even without their crucial players. But we are ready to face them. We are ready to do everything in order to take this title and we will give our best.”

Besided representing Olympiacos, last year Vezenkov became the first Bulgarian player who played at the Final Four. This year he became the first that wins MVP award of the regular season and once again has the chance to become the first Bulgarian who won the EuroLeague’s championship title.

“I am happy that this all happens but that is something different. We are all here with Olympiacos, and now the only thing I care is to win this title. I am really happy that we did one step closer. All these things we are talking about are good but my focus is on the trophy”, finished Vezenkov.

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