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Bam Adebayo says he’s “phenomenal passer”, Kyle Lowry reacts

The Heat opened the Eastern Conference Finals with the road win over the Celtics (123-116). Bam Adebayo, who was one of the top scorers for Miami with 20 points, was asked after the game how Boston is forcing him to be more of a scorer rather than a passer.

“My teammates want me to be aggressive first,” the center said. “They start to send a double [team], I’m a phenomenal passer. So that’s when I can make the extra pass or…” Adebayo stopped mid-sentence as he looked at a surprised Lowry. The point guard said “Oh my God that’s crazy. But I’ll take it.”

Adebayo in looked at the scoresheet and said “I had more assists than you” (Adebayo had 5 assists while Lowry had 3). Lowry responded by pointing out that his teammate had the ball in his hands more. “You had the ball more than me though,” he said.

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