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Draymond Green: “Lost a lot of respect for Sabonis”

Draymond Green shared his thoughts on Game 7 against the Kings as well as the whole first round series on his podcast.

One thing that the four-time NBA champion thought was important to emphasize was Domantas Sabonis not shaking the hands of Warriors players after the game.

“Lost a lot of respect for Sabonis,” Green said. “You don’t shake guys’ hands after you lose? I don’t respect that. I once left the court when we lost in Game 7 at the Cleveland Cavaliers. I went to my locker room and I sat down and I said ‘This don’t feel right’ and I walked back out on the court and I showed everybody love.

“You lost, deal with it. Pay your respect. That was whack to me. That’s whack. I wouldn’t necessarily even say lost respect, but I don’t respect that. That’s whack.”

Sabonis and Green were involved in an incident in Game 2 where the Kings forward held his opponent’s leg and in response the latter stomped on the former’s chest.

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