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Draymond Green on Steph Curry saying ‘This ain’t 2014 no more’ after and-one vs. Chris Paul

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Steph Curry and Chris Paul went head to head as the Warriors hosted the Suns last night. Golden State prevailed 123-112.

In one play Curry drove past Paul for an and-one. The four-time NBA champion shouted ‘This ain’t 2014 no more’ as he walked away from the basket.

His phrase referred to the last time that the Clippers eliminated the Warriors from the playoffs. Since then Curry had the upper hand over Paul.

Curry’s teammate Draymond Green, who likes to trash talk to his opponents, appreciate the phrase as he dug deeper into the meaning of it.

“Steph had CP below the break, he hit him with a couple moves and got an amazing and-one,” Green said on his podcast. “And if you read his lips, he got up and he said, ‘This ain’t 2014 no more.’ And I appreciated that bar by Steph Curry because you gotta dig into that comment. That’s pretty much saying, ‘The last time you were better than me was 2014.’

“That’s nine years ago. Like, this hasn’t been a debate since 2014. Nine years ago? That’s almost a decade. That’s a bar. So I just hope those that enjoy that part of the game, which I do, that you appreciated that bar.”

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