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Brandon Tatum blasts Raptors for apologizing for saying only women can have babies

The Raptors released a special video for the Women’s History Month in which the players were recorded saying why women are special.

One of the things said was that only women can give birth. However, the team soon issued an apology for saying a basic biological fact.

Former police officer and famous YouTuber Brandon Tatum thought that the gesture was insane.

“Do you know how silly this is that adult millionaires playing for a billion dollar organization literally made an apology because somebody’s dumb enough to believe that men can give birth?” Tatum said.

“I don’t know why they pushing this like they are. They are doing too much. Because the facts still remain – you’re either a man or a woman.

“If you want to identify as a man or live your life as a man, but are biologically a woman, just say I’m a woman who identifies as a man. You’re a man who identifies as a woman.

“Bro, you’re gonna either go up there and hike it up on the table and get that prostate check or you are going to go to OB GYN. As a man, you can’t just somehow assume or have an assumption that you have now turned into a girl. I’ll dare you, if you’re a trans woman, go to OB GYN. What they gonna check, bro? What they gonna check, bro?

“You ain’t got nothing down there for them to check. You got a piece of chain, bro. You ain’t got what they need to check you at the OB GYN. I just don’t understand why people got to be fake, bro.

“And here’s the thing the fact that you fake is the reason why people now mad at you now you’re gonna get backlash and now people got to come out against you. Now people are getting angry with these people that are pushing this agenda.

“They apologized for glorifying women which I think of course they were a little superflous in things they said. However, can women just have an opportunity in this world to just be women?

“It’s so disrespectful to me that somehow because there’s a few people that are psychologically confused… evil, confused, horny, I don’t know what to call them or somebody who’s dealing with gender dysphoria which the real disability, mental illness, that just for the few of them you just disenfranchise every woman on planet Earth.

“It’s crazy when you think all billion people that live here now, and if you look at history – the billions of people that have live here throughout entire human history, everybody came out of a woman.”

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