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Ty Lue: “We have a good team”

Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

After remaining winless since the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue challenged his team to be confident moving forward.

“For us, we just got to stay the course, got to be mentally tough, mentally strong, can’t give in, and just got to be tougher,” Lue said. “That’s the bottom line. When stuff doesn’t go your way, it shows you what you’re made of. I’m confident that we have a good team and they have to be the same way. They’ve got to feel the same confidence.

“I don’t care about missed shots, it’s going to happen. You’re going to turn the ball over some, but you can’t give in and my thing is just having that toughness and that mindset that, OK, things are not going well, then let’s do something about it.”

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