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Shams: “There’s not a spot yet for Russell Westbrook in the league”

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

One of the big names that could get bought out of his contract in the coming days is Russell Westbrook who was traded to the Jazz by the Lakers.

According to NBA insider Shams Charania, there is not a spot yet in the league for the former NBA MVP. Reportedly, he has talked to four teams.

Russ has received public support from Clippers players such as Paul George and Nicolas Batum, but Charania points out that the team’s head of basketball operations says he wants a good defender and shooter at the point guard position.

“I there are definitely players around the league that like Russell Westbrook a lot, like the Clippers guys,” Charania said on FanDuel TV. “I have not heard any traction yet though with Russell Westbrook and the Clippers.

“Lawrence Frank, their head of basketball operations officials, he said that he wants defence, shooting from the position. I don’t know if Russ fits that.

“When you look at teams around the league, there’s not a spot yet for Russell Westbrook. He’s still with Utah Jazz, the Jazz have until March 1 to decide whether they’re going to buy out Russell Westbrook from his contract to make him playoff eligible.

“And I would expect him to take the next week or so to figure out whether he can find a home somewhere else. I do believe if he had a home by now, the Jazz would have bought him out and allowed him to go seek another team. It’s a slow moving market, and we’ll see if Russell Westbrook will be able to find a home.”

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