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Donovan Mitchell on Cavs’ late game offense: “We’re still figuring that part out”

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Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell talked about improving on offense as a team late in games after Tuesday’s 100-97 home loss vs. the Miami Heat.

(via Cleveland Cavaliers):

Reporter: “In late game situations, not necessarily the last possession on the three pointer, do you think that you guys are getting good looks and shots just aren’t falling?”

Mitchell: “Sometimes, yeah, sometimes. I think also times where you have a group that’s so new, you have two guards (him & Darius Garland) that are used to having the ball late, like we’ve done it on occasions. But the level of consistency, that’s what ultimately makes a great team. You look at the Heat for example, Tyler’s had games where he’s had it late, Jimmy’s had it late, Bam’s had it late. We’re still figuring that part out. We’ve gotten good looks at times, and we haven’t got good looks at times. And that’s just on us to go back and look at the film, and figure out ways to open it up.

“At the end of the day, I could sit here and keep telling you the same thing, we gotta go out there and do it. The sky isn’t falling, this is not the end of the world, but for us, whether it’s myself, DG, Ev, J.A., Isaac, Vert, whoever’s in the game, Ricky, we all gotta do it collectively. And that doesn’t just start, we all look at the end result with the shot. But it’s spacing. Am I in the corner? Am I lifted on the wing so they don’t help? Are we in the dunker? Are we rolling and replacing? There’s so many things that go into getting a good shot, than just the shot itself.”

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