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NBA officials describe LeBron James’ no-call vs Celtics as ‘gut-wrenching’

Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the controversy that took place, the official Twitter of the NBA referees made its official statement regarding the anomaly in the endgame of the Los Angeles Lakers-Boston Celtics match.

The account has noted that the missed call for LeBron James was “gut-wrenching” on their side as officials chosen by the association. 

LeBron James drove hard towards the basket to nail the game-winning shot for the Lakers in regulation. Though he missed the layup, he was obviously fouled by Jayson Tatum, slapping his left wrist on the final play.

James burst following the sequence. The potential free throws on his part could have allowed them to walk away with the win, but instead, they fell miserably in overtime against the Celtics, 125-121.

In the postgame, the game’s crew chief, Eric Lewis, admitted in a pool report that they failed to blow the whistle on the final play of the regulation – creating rumblings around the league. 

For the part of the Lakers especially in James, what happened can’t be more frustrating enough.

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