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Jamahl Mosley praises Admiral Schofield’s readiness

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Orlando Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley spoke about Admiral Schofield’s professionalism after last night’s 128-109 home loss vs. the Chicago Bulls.

(via Bally Sports Florida):

Reporter: “I just wanted to ask you about Admiral Schofield, a guy that hadn’t been playing most of the game, comes in late in the 3rd quarter, gives you a good 15 minutes, plays solid defense. How important is it to have a guy like him that can come off the bench and give you those quality minutes late in games?”

Mosley: “It’s so important for this group, understanding we’ve always talked about by committee and guys staying ready. When your number is called, you gotta be ready to go. He’s been an unbelievable professional the entire time, no matter what, whether he’s playing or not playing, his energy, his voice, his presence within our locker room. He is a young man that demands and commands respect, and he works his tail off every single day.”

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