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Tom Thibodeau talks snapping 4-game losing streak

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New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau was happy to see his team get back on track last night in their 105-103 home win vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.

(via New York Knicks):

“We need every win we can get, but it’s also navigating a season. Obviously we fell short four games in a row, and the last two games going into the 4th quarter, we’re in position to win, and we didn’t do enough things to win the game. So then how do you get the urgency to get that done and not to get discouraged to just get more determined? Like, ‘OK, we gotta make this go our way.’ And so that’s what I liked. I liked the fight in the team. I liked the urgency that we had. Oftentimes these games, they come down to an offensive rebound, a loose ball, a deflection, and that’s the difference sometimes between winning and losing. That’s why everything does matter, all the little things matter.”

Coach Tom Thibodeau | NY Knicks Post-Game Media Availability (January 24, 2023)
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