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Anthony Edwards: “I’m trying to get better at setting the tone”

Photo: Peter Baba

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards discussed setting the tone after last night’s 113-104 home win vs. the Houston Rockets (44 points/6 rebounds/4 assists/3 steals/3 blocks/17-29 FG/8-16 3-PT/2-2 FT).

(via Minnesota Timberwolves):

Reporter: “Coach Finch was saying that he thinks you’ve done a better job of just setting the tone overall for the team. What’s that been like for you to try to do and learn how to do the right way?”

Edwards: “I think the hardest thing about setting the tone is coming out every night, setting it every night, like every single night. My goal is being able to do it every night, not like one game, then not the next game. I’m trying to do it every night. So I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job and I’m gonna keep trying to do it. I’m trying to get better at setting the tone. Sometimes it’s not scoring, it’s defense, it’s rebounding, it’s pushing it in transition and getting the foul early. Stuff like that.”

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