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Monty Williams discusses Suns’ 6-game losing streak

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Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams talked about the team’s current 6-game losing streak after last night’s 112-98 home loss vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.

(via Burn City Sports):

“I think anytime you’ve been through what this team has been through, we had such a good start and then the last 21 games or so, it’s been one hit in the mouth after another. So naturally, you’re going to be stressed and emotionally challenged, but as I tell the guys all the time man, nobody is digging ditches, going off to war or anything like that. It’s basketball, and if this is the toughest thing you have to deal with, consider yourself blessed. We’re gonna continue to do what we do. Our objective is to try to win games and develop.

“It doesn’t matter who is in your locker room, that’s gotta be your mentality every day. It can affect you the day of a game, but once you wake up the next day, you realize you get to be in the NBA and you get to do the things that we do. I think that gives our guys a chance to have a good spirit as we approach the next team. So yeah, it’s deflating. I think it was a one point game going in the 4th, you’re like, ‘We’re at home. A couple of things go our way, we can turn this thing and then get a win.’ And then when it doesn’t, you’d be crazy to say that you’re not upset about that.”

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