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Patrick Beverley on his relationship with Chris Paul

It is no secret that Patrick Beverley and Chris Paul do not see eye to eye exactly to put it mildly. The Lakers point guard once called the 12-time NBA All-Star ‘a cone’ in addition to many altercations on the court.

Kevin Hart asked Pat Bev what is his relationship with Paul on his show Cold As Balls. “No relationship,” he replied.

“Obviously [I respect him]. He’s in a position “point god.” Anytime I see Chris Paul it’s smoke. That comes from all the things and all the success he’s had in his basketball career.

“But yeah, is it preseason am I picking you full court? F*ck yeah. So from now on until you retire or until I retire or until my bones pop up out of my f*cking knees, I’m going to hound you every single time until we’re done.”

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