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Patrick Beverley: Clippers’ offer “was the ultimate spit to my face”

In the summer of 2021 Patrick Beverley left the Clippers after four years with the team and joined the Timberwolves.

That same season the two teams met in the play-in tournament and it was Beverley’s Minnesota that won and qualified for the playoffs.

The point guard was ecstatic, especially because of how he parted ways with the Clippers. He expanded on that on Cold As Balls with Kevin Hart.

“For us to even play the Clippers in the play-in it’s like a championship game for me,” Pat Bev said. When asked by Hart if there was a bitter feeling about it, the Lakers point guard was affirmative. “Yes,” he said.

“Chris Paul was on the Clippers. Then he left and I came on the Clippers. The Clippers went to the Western Conference finals the only time. They didn’t go there with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Lob City. They went there with me.

“For them to come in and ‘We’re only looking for you get 5 or 6 million dollars,’ I felt like that was the ultimate spit to my face when I literally just changed this whole organization around, we went to Western Conference finals. I didn’t think I got the fair end of the stick.

“And you got to think, when I went to Minnesota, people think my career is over. So for me it was ‘F*ck that, I want to re-invent this whole thing, I got the chance to play the Clippers in the play-in game. I knew my celebration before the game was even done, Mr. Hart. I was just waiting for that one shining moment and that was my chance to take advantage of it.

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