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Darjus Lavrinovic heading home?

According to the latest rumors Žalgiris is interested in Darjus Lavrinovic. Or is Lavrinovic interested in Žalgiris? As it seems Lavrinovic has been in bad terms with Unics board over the past months, if not earlier, when they refused to sell him like his brother.

According to Lavrinovic, Unics owes him 2 months of wages while according to Unics they don't owe him anything because he missed those 2 months due to an injury he suffered while playing for Lithuanian NT and Lithuanian basketball federation can't refund Unics because they neglected to buy an insurance for him.

So could this just be another cat-mouse game between Unics and Lavrinovic over some money? You never know, but in case Unics is willing to let Lavrinovic go, Žalgiris will most probably cover the 2 months of wages they owe Lavrinovic. So, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

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