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Jason Kidd & Tim Hardaway Jr. talk Killian Hayes’ solid night

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Jason Kidd & Tim Hardaway Jr. gave credit to Killian Hayes for his clutch play after the 21-year-old point guard helped the Detroit Pistons defeat the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday in a 131-125 overtime victory at home (22 points/4 rebounds/8 assists/10-13 FG/2-4 3-PT).

(via Dallas Mavericks):

Kidd: “He just got rhythm there late with the mid-range. He made I think three of those. The resistance for our defense tonight as a whole wasn’t high. It was more like a shootaround. So guys got rhythm. You give Hayes credit. When you feel good, those last two 3s, he has confidence. It’s hard to slow guys down.”

Hardaway Jr: “He knocked down a lot of long 2s, contested 2s. That’s good just playing the percentages. So when you’re knocking down contested 2s, you know you gotta shake the guys hand, especially when you’re trying to make it tough for him. At the end of the day, when a guy sees the ball go inside the basket a couple times, a couple floaters here and there, it opens and the guy gains confidence. And that’s what happened tonight for him. He did a great job with his pace, getting his guys involved, and being determined.”

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