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Bam Adebayo calls out referees after Heat’s loss against Celtics

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A three-game winning streak by the Heat was ended by the Celtics (121-134). Bam Adebayo thinks that the difference in this game was the way that the referees called fouls.

Miami was awarded 9 free-throws and converted all of them. Meanwhile, Boston shot 23 free-throws and made 20 of them. According to Adebayo, there were clear fouls that were uncalled by the officials.

The 25-year-old center, who averages 5.2 free-throws per game, was given 2 free-throws in this game. Miami as a team averaged 22.9 free-throws per game.

Via Barry Jackson of Miami Herald:

“It’s hard to get a team out of flow when we shoot only 9 free throws and they shoot 23,” Adebayo said. “I feel like that’s the deciding factor right there. If we shoot 18 total free throws, we win the ball game. Our team is shooting a total of nine free throws and we’re one of the teams that live in the paint, and you’re telling me we only shoot nine? Come on, man.”

Adebayo was further frustrated that the referees ignored the players when they went up to the officials to ask about certain calls.

“Me personally, I don’t get bent out of shape about calls,” Adebayo said. “My biggest thing is my mom taught me ever since I was younger, if somebody talks to you you look them dead in the eyes.

“That’s unprofessional when players try to come talk to you and you don’t acknowledge them. That has to be addressed. They should be put on the podium and have to explain certain situations. I asked about getting fouled. They told me no. I go watch film and the dude is pushing me. It’s like ‘C’mon bro, you’re all out here to make the game fair.'”

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