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Draymond Green on Jonathan Kuminga: “He’s playing beautiful basketball”

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Even thought the Warriors were defeated by the Mavericks (113-116), it was Jonathan Kuminga’s best game of the season so far.

The 20-year-old power forward scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for a double-double. In addition, he worked hard on the defensive end guarding Luka Doncic.

According to Draymond Green, Kuminga is playing beautiful basketball. “He’s all over the floor impactin the game. He actually scored tonight 14 and 10 double-double,” the four-time NBA champion said.

“But he’s been playing like this for the last three games and the message to him has been to keep playing that way because the numbers will come if you play that way. And tonight they did.

“It was huge for us because it kept us in the game. Our first unit couldn’t get in going to start the game. It was like we were running the mud and they were running circles around us. And the second unit went in along with stuff and they walked it down a little bit. And then we were able to continue it in the second quarter.

“But it’s in large part due to his play and JP’s patience in his play. Just to see those two guys starting to settle in, JP more so in the role that he’s in now and JK just learning and getting more comfortable it’s such a beautiful thing.

“He was all over the floor for the block, steals, he guarded Luka really well. He was on Luka which we all know is a daunting task for anyone… He’s playing beautiful basketball.”

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