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Warriors coach Steve Kerr calls for consistency on travel calls after Steph Curry late blunder vs Mavs

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is pleading for consistency from the officials regarding travel calls, moments after the Dubs fell in a nail-biting Tuesday thriller against the Dallas Mavericks, 116-113.

Kerr is pertaining to the late game traveling call made by officials on Stephen Curry, who tried to set up himself for a potential game-winning three at the top of the key.

“Calls are calls. Some go your way, some don’t,” Kerr said. “I guess the NBA is making an emphasis on plays like that. I don’t know if it was a travel or not, I haven’t seen it, but it’s gonna be really interesting to see – like if we’re gonna call that now, we gotta call it all the time, because it happens 30 times a game, guys change pivot feet. 

“So I’m really happy the officials are gonna emphasize it, but you gotta be consistent with it.”

This season, the NBA fully enforced on the officials to strictly monitor players who are committing traveling and lifting violations, which took a stirring reaction from fans and league circles.

Curry was rushing to reach the court to either tie or give the Warriors a clutch one-point deficit with less than 15 seconds left in regulation. But as he reached the three-point distance, he held the ball but mistakenly moved his pivot foot for a trifecta attempt – which triggered a whistle from the officials.

While stating that he wasn’t aware if it was a factual travel, Curry himself admitted that he was confused about the time left and the exact scorecard, noting that the decision-making he committed on the crucial sequence was a “dumb play.” 

“Dumb play by me to not take the layup, Curry said, who had 32 points and five assists on the losing effort (h/t ESPN’s Kendra Andrews). “I got a little confused on what the time and score was. I went for the hero shot. I didn’t think it was a travel.”

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