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Report: NBA sits referee Tony Brothers for one game due to Spencer Dinwiddie’s obscene incident

Photo: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

The NBA reportedly ordered league official Tony Brothers to sit down for one game earlier this month following his issue against Dallas Mavericks guard Spencer Dinwiddie, sources told insider Marc Stein.

Dinwiddie notably accused and called out Brothers in the post-game of the Mavs’ 111-110 win over the Toronto Raptors last Nov. 4 for cursing him as a “b—h ass motherf–ker” in front of his unnamed teammate. It all started when the guard complained and clapped about a foul call on him, which triggered a technical whistle on Brothers.

“I apologize to Tony Brothers for what seemed to keep him irate, which was a clap,” Dinwiddie told reporters. “He thought it was disrespectful. If you watch the games, and I know that’s what refs are supposed to do, you see I clap to get the attention of my teammates, things of that nature, but it was nothing personal, so as a man, I would like to say I’m sorry first and foremost.

“And secondarily I would like to say, not only would I like my [fine] money back, but I would like to not be called a b—h ass motherf–ker to my teammates.”

Per Stein, the league didn’t announce the said move on Brothers as it is not a formal suspension. For his part, the veteran referee didn’t issue any statement.

Brothers, 58, has been in officiating service of the league since the 1994-1995 season. Due to the long experience he yields, he has been stapled in the playoffs and even in the NBA Finals, most often as a three-man crew chief.

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