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Draymond Green on leading Warriors’ second unit

The Warriors bounced back after a blowout loss against the Pelicans with a comfortable win over the Clippers (124-107).

In this game Draymond Green was given a role of leading Golden State’s second unit. Afterwards he talked about his new assignment.

“I think [getting the second unit going] is very important because it’s not so much the point total that’s been lost,” the four-time NBA champion said. “It’s the energy that’s been lost and then you try to come back from that and sometimes it’s just impossible to overcome.

“That is the importance of it, just making sure that we’re able to sustain the level of energy needed to win at a high level. That’s my goal. What am I doing? Number one, just trying to slow the unit down.

“That unit should not play as fast as the first unit. It should be more methodical, it should be more sets, it should be more pattern movements as opposed to random movements and random offense.

“I think for me it’s just trying to slow that unit down number one. And then number two and most importantly is make sure that unit is defending. Because as a second unit your job isn’t to go out there and build the lead. Your job is to maintain the lead.

“In any instances that the first unit fail to build to the lead, then your job is to slow down and settle the game in. That’s just kind of been my focus with it and just trying to help that unit play as much mistake-free basketball as we possibly can.”

Draymond Green Postgame Interview Warriors BEAT Clippers 11/23/22
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