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Charles Barkley goes off on the Brooklyn Nets: “They have zero mental toughness”

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Charles Barkley went off on the Brooklyn Nets for having “zero mental toughness” following Tuesday’s 115-106 road loss to an undermanned Philadelphia 76ers team.

(via NBA on TNT):

“It has nothing to do with their size. They just have zero mental toughness. Zero. They have zero mental toughness. They don’t hold each other accountable. That’s the first thing. They do not hold each other accountable. Everybody kinda does their own thing. But Doc Rivers said something that was very profound. He said, ‘Guys talk about all this other noise. My team really wanted to win the game.’ He said my team was like, ‘We really wanted to win this game.’ Undermanned, they wanted to win the game to send a message to Ben Simmons. And then if you go to the Brooklyn side. If I’m KD & Kyrie, I’m like, ‘Well, we’re the two best players in the building. They’re missing their three best players. Let’s protect Ben and send them a message.’ And it was totally the opposite. Doc Rivers said it, ‘My team really wanted to win this game.’”

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