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FA DeMarcus Cousins express interest to be back, help Kings to make playoffs

DeMarcus Cousins LA Lakers
Photo: Bleacher Report

Veteran big man DeMarcus Cousins is eager to make a full circle with the Sacramento Kings.

Cousins took it online on Wednesday that he would “love” to play and help his former team to finally reach the postseason stage.

Cousins’ sentiments stemmed from the insights of KHTK radio host and Kings fan Carmichael Dave, wherein he suggested that the Kings could perhaps consider the big man as a backup for Domantas Sabonis.

Cousins commenced his professional career when he was chosen by Sacramento for the fifth pick of the 2010 Draft. Despite gaining productive individual honors of being named as an All-NBA member and an All-Star multiple times, he wasn’t able to lead the franchise to the playoffs as its foundational piece.

Marred also by controversies, his stint didn’t go pleasant in general for them. After being traded by the club in 2017, his career went downhill further as he endured a series of injuries that took a huge toll on his star status.

As he remains a free-agent now after adjusting in a role player position, Cousins can reasonably provide an enforcing big body effort for Sabonis. He could also at least provide voice and warming presence from the humbling experiences he had upon his career transition – which can boost the Kings to be motivated on ending the longest playoff drought they started in 2007.

The Kings are still familiarizing themselves with a new system upon the takeover of Mike Brown. But it won’t be a bad idea if they can tap Cousins to help them as they move forward.

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