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Facu Campazzo reveals he almost returned to Europe until contract from Mavs appeared

Foto: @dallasmavs

A late offer from the Dallas Mavericks was a no-brainer that had to be accepted, but Facundo Campazzo revealed that he almost made a return to play in Europe.

Speaking with Callie Caplan of The Dallas Morning News, Campazzo detailed the process of his return to the NBA in courtesy of the Mavs’ contract proposal.

“I was in Argentina, waiting for any offer. I was close to going back to Europe because I didn’t have any offers from the NBA, but I just wanted to wait a little bit more for the chance to keep playing in the NBA,” Campazzo said.

“When the Mavs offer came, I mean, I didn’t hesitate. I just said yes at the first question they did, and that’s it. I mean, I was in Argentina with my family and said, ‘OK, we are moving to Dallas.’ That was a Thursday, and they asked me if I can fly Friday, the next day. I said, ‘I need a little bit more time. I have to move a lot of things,’ so we flew in that Saturday and stayed in the hotel and started this journey.”

Campazzo, who is a well-decorated basketball cager overseas, previously played for the Denver Nuggets in the past two seasons. But as his contract ended that pushed him to 2022 free agency, no initial offers came that sought his service.

Reports from the past have suggested that Real Madrid, his former club, belongs to several suitors who are looking to tap him up. But he hasn’t ruled out yet a return to the NBA. 

As such, his wait has paid off – as he is now a Maverick.

Though he hasn’t gained plenty of exposure yet, his veteran presence and familiarity with franchise centerpiece Luka Doncic will be crucial as they are keeping that title hopes alive and rolling.

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