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Dejan Bodiroga: “The goal is for the best to play”

Photo: Aleksandar Dimitrijević / alo.rs

EuroLeague president Dejan Bodiroga hopes that there can be a solution to the long scheduling conflict with FIBA, via Eurohoops:

“It has been going on for a long time, more than 20 years since the clubs founded the Euroleague. Five years ago, it was voted to introduce these ‘windows’ and since then they have been applied. So far they have not given results in terms of having the best available to play,” Bodiroga said.

“And the goal is for the best to play. And it should have been a parallel with football, but the best play in football and they don’t play in basketball. This current calendar of competitions in Europe does not allow the development of basketball in the right way. In other words, there’s a problem somewhere.”

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