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Patrick Beverley calls LeBron James ‘elite passer’

LeBron James
Photo: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Lakers newcomer Patrick Beverley will team up with superstar LeBron James on his new team. He got to experience playing alongside the four-time NBA champion early in training camp.

“High IQ basketball, knowing angles, knowing screening angles,” Beverley shared his impressions of James so dar. “One thing I have learned about him is see him throughout the game elite passer. Probably one of the best to ever do it from his height his size.

“Just knowing where the screening angles, when to roll. You look up the ball gonna be right there on your chest. That’s just the nature of the business when you play with LeBron James.”

Patrick Beverley calls LeBron James an ELITE passer, himself an ELITE 3-PT SHOOTER | NBA on ESPN
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